Posted by: Doctor Lazarus | January 14, 2010

I Love Lanny Latham

The government might be entrenched in a war over health care, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your care-health©. If only Obama had thought to copyright it, he wouldn’t be fighting over who owns health care! You probably don’t have the rights to care-health© either, but you can care for your health.

One way is to read more. Hot off the presses is Dr. Lanny Latham’s self-published, Get Psyched! The 7 Steps To A More PSYCHED Life, and this 123 page pamphlet is perfect for Americans who recently lost their jobs and crave structure. Taking “me” time can be a challenge, especially as you are you and not I, but you won’t be disappointed to spend time with Lathan, a self-proclaimed certified life coach.

Spoiler alert ladies, Latham is quite the tall, cool glass of purified water when compared to other male self-help experts, like Dr. Phil, Richard Simmons or Rabbi Shmuley Boteach! Would you be psyched to be with Latham alive or Sigmund Freud dead? Exactly! Latham says that his method will, “immediately solve every problem in your life instantly — in seven easy steps!” I think we all know what he is referring to by the word, “seven,” talk about minutes in heaven.

Latham wasn’t always this psyched. The former physical education teacher turned crystal meth addict turned life coach had to walk uphill both ways in stilts in bare feet through sleet and snow.

Luckily for Latham, he discovered he had “quick hands.” Things really heated up when started to encourage others how to rub their hands vigorously. Today, Latham points out to strangers, without pointing at them because it would rude, his particular method. Latham refers to it as one of his many “psychazoid.” Some might think Lanny’s simply putting the psycho back in psychozoid, but it is spelled with the letter “A.”

Look, between the health care debate and experts waffling about which way the economy is going, you may want to avert your eyes. Trust your judgment. Look inwards, you can’t really afford to look out. If you do look outwards, you might see something you want to buy. Don’t judge yourself for it. And if you do judge yourself, don’t judge yourself for judging yourself. Lanny Latham doesn’t, why should you?

For more about Lanny Latham’s book:


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