Posted by: Doctor Lazarus | February 4, 2010

Spend Valentine’s Day with the Rejected

Doctor Lazarus highly recommends that anyone who should be rejected or already has been a victim or a survivor of rejection, turn that frown upside down by watching more miserable (and witty) souls.

The Rejection Show Presents
“Find someone to french!”
The Bell House
February 14, 2010
8PM – 1AM

The cult-favorite live comedy series, The Rejection Show and the book, Rejected: Tales of the Failed Dumped & Canceled is celebrating Valentine’s Day with an evening of its best breakup, heartbreak and love related performances/stories from within the book and shows past, present and future  —blending into an evening of love song karaoke, live music, and a party.

If you’re single, feeling alone, rejected, don’t have a date or don’t like traditional Valentine’s Day routines then The Bell House is the place to be on Valentine’s Day 2010! “Find someone to french!”

Featuring FAST, FUN, HEARTBREAKING performances from:

Jon Friedman
Eliza Skinner
Mandy Stadtmiller
Adam Wade
Katina Corrao
Elna Baker
Max Silvestri
Sean Patton
Julie Klausner
Gabe Liedman
Sara Schaefer
Sean O’Connor
Michelle Collins
Catie Lazarus
Gabe Delahaye
Edith Zimmerman

And who knows who else might stop by!


Tickets available HERE.

‘Rejection Show’ Valentines Day Heartbreak Haven
Hosted by Jon Friedman
The Bell House
Sunday February 14th @ 8PM – 1AM
149 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
F, G, R train to 9th and 4th Ave. or 9th and Smith


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