Posted by: Doctor Lazarus | October 12, 2010

If you are in NYC, Tuesday, October 13th do come!

If you are in New York there is so much emphasis on lay experts and foodies who cook organic and locally grown meals. What about the amateurs? Those are the people who stuffed their faces with chocolate and cheese and called it lunch. Okay, I only have one face. The point is that it required washing fewer dishes.

Plus, you can watch a live taping of a super fun amateur cooking show that my assistant’s assistant will be a contestant in (how else does she expect to pay rent?)





Hosted by: Matt Timms Contestants: Catie Lazarus and two more amateur chefs….

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at Roberta’s: 261 Moore Street (between Bogart & White Streets, off the Morgan stop on the L-train.) 718.417.1118.

Monthly: Tuesdays at 7:00PM EST

Mind Kitchen is the official radio game show of Matt Timms, producer of the infamous Brooklyn Takedowns, hosts 45 minutes of intensely brütal competition. Cooks, foodies and local personalities are invited into the studio and given 5 minutes to take 5 ingredients and imagine a three course meal. They set to work in an imaginary kitchen with basic ingredients and limitless cookware. When time is up, these mind-gladiators pitch their creations to the show’s judges. They are all judged, harshly, and a Takedown champion is named.

Matt Timms is the producer and host of the Takedown, an amateur cooking competition that started in Brooklyn, NYC back in 2004. Chili, Tofu, Bacon, Lamb, and Fondue are just some of the foods that get taken down at his events. Check out



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